IMHO Carl Sagan did for science what Miles Davis did for jazz. 

It’s easier to dumb down something in the hope of making it more ‘accessible’ but these two cats chose the path of exposing the deeper wonders of the form, pushed its boundaries and then found new ways to express the ideas and inspirations encoded within so that we could voyage and wonder together. Amazing.

Carl blew my mind as a kid with his Cosmos series and Miles blew that same mind 20 years later when I heard the LP Kind Of Blue playing through a window while I snugged on a porch as hazy rain lazed the afternoon … both experiences deeply transformed my life. Much respect and gratitude to y’all both!

Okay … Cosmos is a compositional riff and jam that I produced with some of my buds in Candelo. It started with the morse code pattern for “COSMOS” which is converted into a melodic and rhythmic device and then bent the whole thing around the gravitational fields of improv and happenstance.

This is that cut.

This cut is featured on a podcast written and narrated by my sweetheart Rae and conspired by even more hometown neighbours with songs, stories and big hearts within a podcast series we all made together called The Candelo Roadshow Radio Hour...check it out!




Pete Wild, piano
Sam Martin, double bass
Heath Cullen, electric guitar
DRM, drums and muted trumpet (thanks Dad… and Miles)


released October 24, 2021


all rights reserved



David Ross Macdonald Candelo, Australia


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